BHP, Philippines

Manila | Philippines | Lmi 89.6

In August 2019, a new Lmi record was set when BHP’s Leesman survey in Manila closed. A few months prior, the 550 BHP employees had relocated from their former office (scoring Lmi 75.5) into a new space spanning across 5 floors in ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower. The unprecedented Lmi of 89.6 is testament to this truly exceptional workplace.

“Providing outstanding workplaces to our employees is absolutely paramount for us. Achieving the highest Leesman+ score to date in our Manila office tells us that we’re on the right track and doing the right things for our people.” says Monica Klyscz, Head of Global Property and Workplace at BHP.

Looking at the satisfaction scores, it becomes clear that this workplace has been designed by a team who understood the employees’ needs with visceral clarity.

Across all the Leesman+ workplaces of 2019 it received the highest satisfaction with ‘Variety of different types of workspace’ (nearly 98%), ‘Quiet rooms for working alone or in pairs’ (92%) and several other features, including ‘Personal storage’ (87%), despite offering a fully flexible working environment.

It also topped the ranking on several other features and activities, including a perfect score of 100% support with both ‘Telephone conversations’ and ‘Business confidential discussions’.

It comes as no surprise then that this is a workplace that functions as a catalyst for organisational growth. BHP Manila scored the highest among all Leesman+ 2019 workplaces with nearly 98% agreement on whether the workplace enables the employees to work productively.

Evidenced by these exceptional scores, BHP have designed a workplace that reflects the employees needs to near perfection.

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