#AskLeesman 3: Home and wellbeing


Listening time – 26mins
Listen to highlights of this event, in which CEO Tim Oldman, along with four experts, gathered to answer your questions on how to keep home workers safe

#AskLeesman 3: Home and wellbeing2021-02-16T19:00:12+00:00

Working from home, one year on


Listening time – 27mins
Allison English, Leesman’s deputy CEO, talks to PlaceTech editor Paul Unger about the findings from Leesman’s home working data since Covid-19 began.

Working from home, one year on2021-03-08T09:51:29+00:00

Audio: The listening leader


Listening time – 25mins
If you’re a leader, you’re probably talking too much. So says former submarine captain David Marquet, who shares his insight on how to adjust your leadership style.

Audio: The listening leader2022-01-31T09:37:03+00:00

Team based working


Listening time – 24mins
Workplace strategy must be more focused on ‘people’. Natalie Slessor talks about how she encourages connections and networks in Lendlease’s offices.

Team based working2022-01-31T09:36:04+00:00

Brownfield excellence


Listening time – 31 mins
Aiming for architectural certification says nothing to a building’s function. Ellis ten Dam speaks on turning an ex car showroom into a high-Lmi space.

Brownfield excellence2022-01-31T09:39:09+00:00

Workplace wellbeing


Listening time – 37 min
We spend on average a third of our lives at work, making the workplace one the foremost places to promote wellbeing and fight lifestyle disease.

Workplace wellbeing2022-01-31T09:40:43+00:00

Putting employees first


Listening time – 32 min
Coert Zachariasse of Delta Development Group sheds light on buildings, workforces, and the relationship between the people and places that make up effective workplaces.

Putting employees first2022-01-31T09:39:40+00:00

Architecture and the workplace


Listening time – 28 min
Tim Oldman sits down with Gordon Wright of HOK to discuss the past, present and future relationship between architects and the workplace.

Architecture and the workplace2022-01-31T09:37:40+00:00

Flexibility in the built environment


Listening time – 30 min
Melissa Marsh of Savills Studley discusses the challenges and successes of the built environment and its relationship with the workplace.

Flexibility in the built environment2022-01-31T09:38:40+00:00

Activity Based Working


Listening time – 29 min
Activity Based Working (ABW) has different interpretations for different people and organisations, making it seem a complex term and concept, yet it needn’t be.

Activity Based Working2022-01-31T09:38:08+00:00