BCG: reinventing the future


Reading time – 8 mins
When you consult on change, it can be hard to find the time to change yourself. Not for Boston Consulting Group, who utilised Leesman to adapt new spaces to changing business needs and expectations.

BCG: reinventing the future2023-06-28T15:18:02+01:00

Arup: One year on – sticking to your principles


Reading time – 8 mins
How Arup’s activity-based workplace, geared towards supporting its employees in all work activities, stood the test of time – even in a global pandemic.

Arup: One year on – sticking to your principles2021-06-03T17:57:46+01:00

EDGE – Home Working Experience


Reading time – 12 mins
Edge surveyed their entire workforce to find out how employees are fairing with working from home.

EDGE – Home Working Experience2022-08-11T09:21:40+01:00

Workplace brief: The Office Group


Reading time – 4 mins
The Office Group surveyed their members to find out what’s working with home-working and what’s not.

Workplace brief: The Office Group2021-04-26T10:23:09+01:00

Workplace brief: Rapid7


Reading time - 5 mins
Rapid7 strive for non-corporate environments in their fast-paced sector, but the data told them designated desks.

Workplace brief: Rapid72021-04-26T10:24:17+01:00

EDGE Technologies, Netherlands


Reading time – 3 min
The Edge, was hailed by commentators as the ‘smartest office space ever constructed.’ In 2018 they unveiled their new head office in EDGE Olympic, a new 11,000m2 building in Amsterdam’s central business district.

EDGE Technologies, Netherlands2022-05-20T18:28:03+01:00

Rapid 7, United States


Reading time – 3 min
While many of the 2019 workplaces adopted flexible workplace strategies, some organisations bucked this increasingly popular trend: Rapid7 have chosen a 100% designated solution for both the Boston and LA offices.

Rapid 7, United States2021-03-08T09:58:50+00:00

Grupo Construcía, Spain


Reading time – 2 min
In the previous section, we stated that half of the 2019 Leesman+ workplaces had a density of at least 16.0m2 per person, and that density has no effect on productivity.

Grupo Construcía, Spain2021-03-08T09:59:11+00:00