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The inevitability of change


Reading time – 8 mins
Hybrid working has dominated work and place since the pandemic, but the new normal may not be so new. What has Leesman learned over the past decade about hybrid working from over one million employees.

The inevitability of change2023-06-28T15:17:43+01:00

It’s all about the journey


Reading time – 7 mins
The commute is now returning to the daily routine of employees. It’s time for organisations to investigate both the drivers and sentiments employees have with the commute to assist their future workplace strategies.

It’s all about the journey2022-09-12T11:15:01+01:00

A memo from today


Reading Time: 10mins
Organisations must be empathetic, adaptable, and reactive to the dramatic changes they face; generational differences and the need for a fully inclusive workplace are just two in a long list they need to be aware of.

A memo from today2022-06-07T10:50:55+01:00

Changes: Turn and face the strange


Reading time: 7 mins
Kurt Lewin’s change model explains why employees embraced the change to remote working at the beginning of the pandemic; there was a clear perception that change was needed. Finding the ‘why’ behind your change will be harder this time around.

Changes: Turn and face the strange2022-02-16T21:28:16+00:00

What is the purpose of the office?


Reading Time: 6 mins
The return to the office debate is in vogue right now. It’s an obsession for many; and while a handful of notable businesses have announced a remote-first policy, most have signalled intentions to create a hybrid form of working.

What is the purpose of the office?2021-08-03T10:11:59+01:00

What we get wrong about creativity


Reading time: 5 mins
Why are creativity and innovation comparable to muddling long-term relationships and bad farmers? A professor of innovation explains what we get wrong about these concepts – and how we can get it right.

What we get wrong about creativity2022-02-16T21:28:48+00:00

The doughnut effect


Reading Time: 10 mins
Two Stanford economists have observed a ‘hollowing out’ of city centres across the United States, in favour of suburbia.

The doughnut effect2021-07-14T15:32:08+01:00

The open plan witch hunt – revisited


Reading Time: 6 mins
With the swathe of workplace headlines currently in the press, we’ve revisited the age-old witch hunt of the open-plan office before it’s too late.

The open plan witch hunt – revisited2022-12-16T16:07:42+00:00

R-numbers: predicting the future


Reading Time: 5mins
James Munday is an infectious disease epidemiologist. With his work in the spotlight, what impact is it having on trend forecasting and government policy?

R-numbers: predicting the future2021-03-08T09:52:53+00:00

The home stretch


Reading Time: 10mins
When we finally return to the office, will the workplace experience be forever altered based on the home working experience? Dr Peggie Rothe shares Leesman’s latest findings.

The home stretch2021-03-08T09:53:26+00:00