The Hybrid Future


Reading time – 8 mins
Hybrid working has revolutionised our perceptions of where and how we work. We joined MIT Center for Real Estate to discuss hybrid working and how if you don’t embrace it, you risk being left behind.

The Hybrid Future2023-06-28T15:16:04+01:00

Nowhere or nowhere?


Reading time – 4 mins
The pandemic has transformed work and presents an opportunity for its re-evaluation, says Julia Hobsbawm. By understanding the purpose behind work, exciting possibilities for the future can be created.

Nowhere or nowhere?2023-06-28T15:17:24+01:00

Finding your tribe


Reading time – 5 mins
We met with Neil Gibb to discuss how he remains optimistic in a turbulent world, and why he believes hybrid working to be an incredible opportunity for humanity.

Finding your tribe2023-07-06T12:15:07+01:00

The inevitability of change


Reading time – 8 mins
Hybrid working has dominated work and place since the pandemic, but the new normal may not be so new. What has Leesman learned over the past decade about hybrid working from over one million employees.

The inevitability of change2023-06-28T15:17:43+01:00

A new blank sheet


Reading time – 7 mins
Hans Meyer, the hotelier who initially created the citizenM concept and is now building his new venture, Zoku. How did he turn change into opportunity and innovation?

A new blank sheet2023-06-28T15:17:06+01:00

BCG: reinventing the future


Reading time – 8 mins
When you consult on change, it can be hard to find the time to change yourself. Not for Boston Consulting Group, who utilised Leesman to adapt new spaces to changing business needs and expectations.

BCG: reinventing the future2023-06-28T15:18:02+01:00

The city cycle


Reading time – 4 mins
Attitudes regarding how employees have shifted over the past few years, especially due to the pandemic. But are organisations understanding the shift? How are cities responding? British brand, Brompton Bicycle are one step ahead.

The city cycle2023-06-28T15:16:45+01:00

A brain as good as ours


Reading time – 8 mins
The automotive industry has considerably changed over the past few years, but what about the long-awaited driverless car? Professor Neville Stanton gives his opinion.

A brain as good as ours2023-06-28T15:15:17+01:00

Ahead of the curve


Reading time – 8 mins
While some industries treat change with scepticism and unease, there are a rare few with change ingrained in their DNA. We met with the FIA’s head of F1 to discuss his approach to change.

Ahead of the curve2023-10-03T12:38:35+01:00

It’s time to talk about change


Reading time – 8 mins
It’s time to talk about a tough subject, change. Few like it, but it’s inevitable. It surrounds us. It’s everywhere you look. And right now, work is changing fast.

It’s time to talk about change2023-06-28T15:15:46+01:00