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The power of a connected generation


Reading time – 7 mins
It’s time to support the future talent. Organisations need to understand the negative impact remote work has had on young professionals and create workplaces that foster connection and growth.

The power of a connected generation2023-05-16T12:32:18+01:00

Purposeful presence: understanding the choices employees face


Reading time – 7 mins
The new industry buzz-phrase ‘purposeful presence’ is now appearing throughout the hybrid working debate. It’s time to understand what it means and how it will ultimately change the way employees engage with their workplaces.

Purposeful presence: understanding the choices employees face2022-11-17T10:39:47+00:00

A new workplace is no guarantee


Reading Time: 5 mins
Relocation, consolidation, portfolio reduction, expansion, whatever your plans are, they will involve some workplace change, and in many cases, entirely new spaces – but new does not guarantee better.

A new workplace is no guarantee2022-05-17T13:56:48+01:00

Facing the four-day furore


Reading Time: 7 mins
Just as organisations are beginning to understand hybrid working, a 4-day week has been thrown into the mix. Are organisations ready to tackle the complexities of yet another big change?

Facing the four-day furore2022-05-17T13:57:39+01:00

Let the battle commence


Reading time – 7 mins
It’s time to address the failings in the home vs office debate. Organisations would do better to work on their own solution, by looking inwards at what’s on offer and what isn’t.

Let the battle commence2022-03-03T12:52:37+00:00

Measure what counts


Reading time – 5 mins
Historic yardsticks of real estate performance fail to tell the whole story and are becoming increasingly outmoded as the pace of change continues to accelerate.

Measure what counts2021-08-12T13:21:49+01:00

Communication breakdown


Reading time – 7 mins
To get employees onboard with the future, they need to know about it. Yet communicating a future workplace strategy to the workforce hasn’t yet happened across the board.

Communication breakdown2021-07-21T19:38:37+01:00

Old working habits no longer apply


Reading time – 4 mins
The average home working experience supports employees better than the average office experience does.

Old working habits no longer apply2021-07-27T10:45:03+01:00

Let’s stop focusing on where we work


Reading time – 4 mins
We’re forgetting about what the workforce is expected to achieve at the office – and that most of that is now better supported at home.

Let’s stop focusing on where we work2021-07-27T10:46:14+01:00

Finding the balance between freedom and control


Reading Time: 7 mins
I wonder how many 2020 real estate plans, carefully crafted in 2019 or earlier, were “future-proofed” and ready for the seismic impact of a fast-moving, global pandemic?

Finding the balance between freedom and control2021-07-14T14:39:23+01:00