Go big or stay home

What does an office need to deliver in 2021 and beyond?

Go big or stay home

What does an office need to deliver in 2021 and beyond?

Join our experts as we take a deep dive into Leesman’s rich dataset of employee experience: 817,000+ in the office and 160,000+ at home. Our data reveals how the office and home experience compares, and pinpoints when employees would prefer to work from home.

Leesman data indicates that if you’re going to utilise office space in 2021, you must create an exceptional experience for your employees, or accept that they will choose their homes over coming to the workplace.

Our live event will help you answer questions about your organisation’s employee experience, such as:

  • Do you know the difference between average to outstanding?
  • Do you really know what good performance looks like?
  • How prepared are you for the disrupted future?
  • Are you OK with your employees choosing home instead of the office? What’s the risk?
  • How are you navigating the new impending crises of trust, learning and leadership?

Join us on 16th March to find out how you can arm yourselves for the new future of workplace.
Register here:

Session 1 (08:00-09:30 UK)
Session 2 (13:00-14:30 UK)
Session 3 (16:30-18:00 UK)


Founder & CEO

Tim Oldman


Dr Peggie Rothe


We understand the importance of sharing information in times of uncertainty. Whether it’s webinars or written content,
Leesman will stay at the forefront of investigating remote working and employee experience.

home working webinar

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November 2020
Recording time – 55 mins

How does the employee experience working from home stack up to the office experience, and what else have we learnt from 145,000+ home working respondents.

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December 2020

More than ever before, you need to understand how the roles of offices and homes feeds into your future work strategies. Use Leesman’s four-stage action to arm yourself with the right data to make the right decisions for your organisation.

Home working impact code

Data updated 31 December 2020

For a more detailed view of our home working data, take a look at the Leesman Home Working impact code table.

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