Grupo Construcía, Spain

Oficinas Corporativas | Madrid Grupo Construcía | Madrid | Spain | Lmi 76.3

In the previous section, we stated that half of the 2019 Leesman+ workplaces had a density of at least 16.0m2 per person, and that density has no effect on productivity. To further illustrate the latter point, Grupo Construcia’s Oficinas Corporativas in Spain achieved an Lmi of 76.3 and several of this year’s highest scores on an average density of 12.3m2 per person. How did they do it?

By most measures, Grupo Construcia’s new Madrid office is one of the smallest amongst this year’s Leesman+. Nonetheless, what it lacks in terms of space, it more than makes up for in terms of its ability to support teamwork and interactions.

It tops the 2019 list on support for ‘Learning from others’ (97.9%) and has the third highest scores on ‘Informal social interaction’ (98.0%) and ‘Collaborating on creative work’ (96.9%), respectively.

The pattern becomes even clearer when other social dimensions of the workplace experience are taken into account. A considerable proportion of the Grupo Construcia’s employees working here agreed that their workplace supports them in sharing ideas/knowledge amongst colleagues (91.9%) and contributes to a sense of community (85.1%).

These outstanding social dynamics may be supported by the workplace’s predominantly flexible philosophy: with three-quarters of the workstations being non designated, the workplace is more interactive, and the silo effect is avoided.

In our overall analysis, we found that satisfaction with some of the indoor environmental quality aspects tended to be lower in denser workplaces. This did not apply to Grupo Construcia’s Madrid office, which achieved some of this year’s highest scores on satisfaction with ‘Natural light’ (95.7%) and ‘Noise levels’ (60.5%).

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