Leesman joins HqO

Since launching in 2010, Leesman’s singular mission has remained unchanged – to make workplaces better. In that time, we’ve supported hundreds of the world’s best organisations measure the experience employees are having in more than 6400 workplaces across 108 countries. That all means we’re fast approaching more than 1 million employee responses to our central Leesman Office survey – the largest resource of its kind anywhere.

In March 2020 we had to widen that focus, and in a matter of weeks had built a parallel tool that would offer the same depth of analysis for the experience employees suddenly had working from home. The analysis we have been doing on that data throughout the pandemic has placed us in a wholly unique position at the centre of the new people and place debate.

The clients around us in that debate are increasingly looking for new tools and platforms to assess faster, act sooner and deliver more. The consumerisation and ‘hotelification’ of workplace services is upon us.

And we wanted to make sure we could deliver a wider spectrum of services to them. So, we are delighted to announce that effective of the 7th June, Leesman will become part of HqO – the industry-leading workplace experience platform. This will dramatically accelerate our ability to support the world’s best organisations on their data-driven workplace experience strategies and help HqO do the same for their existing and future clients. Together we can offer an unparalleled depth of insight into exactly how place impacts the people who work there, be that the home, the office, or the myriad of places in between.

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of the Leesman journey so far. The next phase will be even more exciting.

Read the full press release below.

HqO Acquires Global Workplace Employee Experience (EX) Measurement Leader, Leesman Index, Bringing 1M+ Data Points to Hundreds of Customers Worldwide

BOSTON — June 14, 2022 — HqO, the industry-leading workplace experience platform, today announced the acquisition of Leesman, the world’s leader in measuring employee workplace experience.

This is the second time in less than one year that HqO has expanded through acquisition. In November 2021, HqO acquired OfficeApp, a leading European tenant and employee engagement platform, which expanded HqO’s services into the corporate workspace. The acquisition of Leesman furthers HqO’s commitment to transforming the modern office and enabling people to connect with the places they work.

HqO is used by 57% of the Fortune 100 to enhance workplace experience, improve employee satisfaction and drive operational excellence. Active in more than 250 million square feet in 25 countries, HqO currently serves customers including J.P. Morgan, Dell, JLL, Jamestown, Grosvenor, and Gecina. Customers will benefit from robust insights to enhance HqO’s best-in-class technology and services, enabling data-driven decisions that can be directly measured to continually improve services and experiences.

The HqO Workplace Experience Platform helps companies and commercial property teams support meaningful workplaces by providing world-class experience services to help employees thrive and produce the best results. Leesman has enabled 6,410 organizations in more than 100 countries to capture employee sentiment on work environments and benchmark performance against the world’s largest workplace dataset.

“The Leesman Index has been transforming how organizations benchmark their workplace experience for more than a decade, helping some of the biggest brands in the world improve their employee experience through their rich dataset and proprietary methodologies,” said HqO CEO Chase Garbarino. “We’re thrilled to bring this excellence to our customers and look forward to offering them even more tools and services, along with the world’s biggest dataset for better, data-driven decision making in improving their workplace experience.”

“This is a huge step for Leesman,” says Tim Oldman, Founder & CEO of Leesman. “Becoming part of the HqO family will dramatically accelerate our ability to support the world’s best organizations on their data-driven workplace experience strategies. Together we can offer an unparalleled depth of insight into exactly how place impacts the people who work there, be that the home, the office, or the myriad of places in between.”

Leesman’s extensive workplace experience data, which includes nearly 1 million office respondents and nearly 300,000 home-based respondents, will augment HqO’s existing, industry-leading workplace experience platform offerings, providing customers access to both the world’s largest workplace experience dataset and The HqO Workplace Experience Platform, the standout leader utilized by some of the top workplaces in the world. Customers will have access to survey data – offering deep insights and specificity into what employees like, dislike, or want to see more of – which HqO’s technology and services will help implement in a truly complementary partnership. Leesman will continue to operate as an independent entity, offering customers objective surveys and benchmarking services.

About Leesman
Leesman is the world leader in measuring and analyzing the experiences of employees in their places of work. Through a series of assessment tools, Leesman captures employee sentiments on how effectively the work environments they use support them. By rating organizations’ ability to support employees in the home and in the office, performance can then be benchmarked against the world’s largest database of its kind. Their data and insight equips executives at all levels to make informed, forward-thinking decisions that allow them to mitigate risk, plan for the future, and benefit from great employee workplace experience.

About HqO
HqO is transforming how people connect with each other and the places they work. The HqO Workplace Experience Platform makes it easy for companies and commercial property teams to create modern workplaces through world-class amenities and services that allow people to thrive and produce the best results. Active in over 250 million square feet in 25 countries, 57% of the Fortune 100 rely on HqO to enhance their workplace experiences, improve employee satisfaction, and drive operational excellence. For more information, visit www.hqo.com.

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