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Workplace wellbeing

Listening time – 37 min
We spend on average a third of our lives at work, making the workplace one the foremost places to promote wellbeing and fight lifestyle disease.

Putting employees first

Listening time – 32 min
Coert Zachariasse of Delta Development Group sheds light on buildings, workforces, and the relationship between the people and places that make up effective workplaces.

Architecture and the workplace

Listening time – 28 min
Tim Oldman sits down with Gordon Wright of HOK to discuss the past, present and future relationship between architects and the workplace.

Flexibility in the built environment

Listening time – 30 min
Melissa Marsh of Savills Studley discusses the challenges and successes of the built environment and its relationship with the workplace.

Activity Based Working

Listening time – 29 min
Activity Based Working (ABW) has different interpretations for different people and organisations, making it seem a complex term and concept, yet it needn’t be.

Future work environments

Listening time – 32 min
With the phenomenal rise of socially-driven spaces such as WeWork and The Office Group (TOG), working styles are changing by the minute.