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Covid working

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The mental health pandemic

Reading Time: 8 mins
COVID-19 is not the only pandemic your employees are struggling through in lockdown – here’s some groundwork for supporting your colleagues through ‘COVID Anxiety’.

The great reset

Reading Time: 8 mins
Can you inspire healthier employee behaviour with the odd nudge? Whatever the sentiment is surrounding your workplace experience – now is the time to adjust it.

Clarity in crisis

Reading Time: 8 mins
With so much uncertainty, employees need clear messages from the top. How can leadership communicate when they don’t even know what’s going on?

A crisis of learning

Reading Time: 3mins
New starters are caught in a no-man’s land between their own enthusiasm and the COVID-19 imposed tunnel vision of their colleagues.

The empty office effect

Reading Time: 4mins
For footballers and office employees, a buzzing atmosphere can make all the difference to performance. But when fans no longer fill stadiums and workplaces feel eerily quiet, will there be a negative impact long term?

Remote working and COVID 19

Reading Time: 8mins
As coronavirus spreads across the globe, human health and the global economy are suffering. But what are the implications to the workplace?

A memo from the future

Reading Time: 10mins
As organisations grapple with uncertainty, decisions making is happening at a pace many have never experienced.

A memo from the future P2

Reading Time: 11mins
How are we best placed to navigate through the logistical minefield of working out who returns to the office and when?

A memo from the future P3

Reading Time: 10mins
For employees to feel happy and productive a sense of belonging is crucial. Recreating this sentiment will be no easy task in socially distanced workplaces

My office is my local

Reading Time: 5mins
Adjusting to working from home is no easy feat, but what about when you find yourself setting up a makeshift office ‘down the local’?

Our man in Amsterdam

Reading Time: 6mins
For nearly ten years, Amsterdam has been Leesman’s bridgehead to mainland Europe. Perhaps the Netherlands could be our new operational hub.

Doing the homework on home-work

Reading Time: 3mins
Moving forward, we need to ensure that we do not rely on anecdotes and guesswork. Our recovery strategies must be informed by insights and evidence.