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Expert insights

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Is this AI?

Reading Time : 1min
Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and occupying new spaces, making it hard to understand the extent to which AI plays a part in our lives.

Carol Sanford

Reading Time: 4mins
In the current corporate landscape, workplace hierarchies remain the norm. But what’s the alternative, and does it work? Carol Sanford takes a stand.

The world’s best workplaces

Reading Time: 2mins
Leesman+ organisations continue to show us how employee-centric workplaces lead to happier, healthier and more productive employees. In 2019, 22 organisations made the cut.

The creative imperative

Reading Time: 7mins
Building an environment that inspires creativity is more important now than ever before. Dr Michael Bloomfield breaks down how to do it.

Wilful ignorance?

Reading Time: 6mins
How do our instincts fuel workplace misconceptions? Dr Peggie Rothe analyses Hans Rosling’s Factfulness in relation to the workplace.

The open plan witch hunt

Reading Time: 5mins
Dr Peggie Rothe looks at what a sample of 215,000 employees tell us about the effectiveness of open plan settings.

The complexity equation

Reading Time: 6mins
Dr Peggie Rothe analyses the relationship between role complexity and how well employees feel their environment supports them.

James Woudhuysen

Reading Time: 5mins
James Woudhuysen muses on what the design and architecture community can learn from the decline of Debenhams.

Dr Stephen Peake

Reading Time: 4mins
The natural world is changing. Professor Stephen Peake gives us his take on the adverse effects of climate change on businesses.

Damian Hughes

Reading Time: 7mins
Author and motivational speaker, Professor Damian Hughes unpacks leadership lessons from Pep Guardiola’s time at FC Barcelona.