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From crisis to opportunity

Reading Time: 13mins
The pandemic has forced everyone, from churches and hospitality to corporate organisations, to reimagine the entire concept of their business.

Lessons in data mapping

Reading Time: 9mins
Data mining has become vital in tracking virus transmission. But what happens when a pandemic engulfs a whole country and threatens the globe?

Remote working and COVID 19

Reading Time: 8mins
As coronavirus spreads across the globe, human health and the global economy are suffering. But what are the implications to the workplace?

A memo from the future

Reading Time: 10mins
As organisations grapple with uncertainty, decisions making is happening at a pace many have never experienced.

A memo from the future P3

Reading Time: 10mins
For employees to feel happy and productive a sense of belonging is crucial. Recreating this sentiment will be no easy task in socially distanced workplaces