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No, the desk isn’t dead

Reading Time: 7mins
Recent predictions of the death of the office or its desks miss several key dimensions in their arguments.

Bridging the skills gap

Reading Time: 5mins
A growing skills shortage has forced companies to reconsider their approach to hiring, but what are the implications long term?

Stepping into the unknown

Reading Time: 6mins
Geopolitical uncertainty can both hinder development and facilitate societal growth. But how does it affect the development of new workplaces?

My office is my local

Reading Time: 5mins
Adjusting to working from home is no easy feat, but what about when you find yourself setting up a makeshift office ‘down the local’?

Our man in Amsterdam

Reading Time: 6mins
For nearly ten years, Amsterdam has been Leesman’s bridgehead to mainland Europe. Perhaps the Netherlands could be our new operational hub.

Doing the homework on home-work

Reading Time: 3mins
Moving forward, we need to ensure that we do not rely on anecdotes and guesswork. Our recovery strategies must be informed by insights and evidence.

Mode confusion

Reading Time: 5mins
How do the aviation and healthcare sectors approach failure differently, and how can we know what is the best practice?

Pulling the plug

Reading Time: 2mins
We trace a system error that almost cost a life and discuss how to set employees up for success.

The impossible algorithm

Reading Time: 5mins
AI will never be as complex as the human brain, so how can we leverage our humanness to thrive in the AI age?

The office zookeeper

Reading Time: 8mins
How imagining your office as a zoo could improve the way that teams communicate, leading to win-win results.