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Let the battle commence

Reading time – 7 mins
It’s time to address the failings in the home vs office debate. Organisations would do better to work on their own solution, by looking inwards at what’s on offer and what isn’t.

Measure what counts

Reading time – 5 mins
Historic yardsticks of real estate performance fail to tell the whole story and are becoming increasingly outmoded as the pace of change continues to accelerate.

Communication breakdown

Reading time – 7 mins
To get employees onboard with the future, they need to know about it. Yet communicating a future workplace strategy to the workforce hasn’t yet happened across the board.

Let’s stop focusing on where we work

Reading time – 4 mins
We’re forgetting about what the workforce is expected to achieve at the office – and that most of that is now better supported at home.

Finding the balance between freedom and control

Reading Time: 7 mins
I wonder how many 2020 real estate plans, carefully crafted in 2019 or earlier, were “future-proofed” and ready for the seismic impact of a fast-moving, global pandemic?

Home working dealbreakers

Reading Time: 4 mins
What part of the home working experience has the biggest impact on the desire to return to the office?

Generation bed

Reading Time: 3 mins
Any future workplace strategy needs to support younger employees who have had the worst home working experience throughout the pandemic. The reasons for this are multidimensional.

No, the desk isn’t dead

Reading Time: 7mins
Recent predictions of the death of the office or its desks miss several key dimensions in their arguments.

No place like home

Reading Time: 7mins
COVID-19 gifted remote working advocates an opportunity to amplify their promises of agile working for all. But has it delivered?

The mental health pandemic

Reading Time: 8 mins
COVID-19 is not the only pandemic your employees are struggling through in lockdown – here’s some groundwork for supporting your colleagues through ‘COVID Anxiety’.

The great reset

Reading Time: 8 mins
Can you inspire healthier employee behaviour with the odd nudge? Whatever the sentiment is surrounding your workplace experience – now is the time to adjust it.

Clarity in crisis

Reading Time: 8 mins
With so much uncertainty, employees need clear messages from the top. How can leadership communicate when they don’t even know what’s going on?

A crisis of learning

Reading Time: 3mins
New starters are caught in a no-man’s land between their own enthusiasm and the COVID-19 imposed tunnel vision of their colleagues.

More human than human

Reading Time: 9mins
Tim Oldman gives a poignant insight into corporate empathy while considering the extent to which companies dealings with customers is replicated with their own employees.

The wellbeing imperative

Reading Time: 7mins
For the contemporary employee, Corporate Social Responsibility is a must. People want to know that their employers care both about wider issues and their wellbeing.

Five oceans

Reading Time: 6mins
Renowned underwater photographer turned ocean conservationist, David Jones, discusses the current state of plastic pollution in the earth’s oceans.

Bridging the skills gap

Reading Time: 5mins
A growing skills shortage has forced companies to reconsider their approach to hiring, but what are the implications long term?

The empty office effect

Reading Time: 4mins
For footballers and office employees, a buzzing atmosphere can make all the difference to performance. But when fans no longer fill stadiums and workplaces feel eerily quiet, will there be a negative impact long term?

Stepping into the unknown

Reading Time: 6mins
Geopolitical uncertainty can both hinder development and facilitate societal growth. But how does it affect the development of new workplaces?

My office is my local

Reading Time: 5mins
Adjusting to working from home is no easy feat, but what about when you find yourself setting up a makeshift office ‘down the local’?

Our man in Amsterdam

Reading Time: 6mins
For nearly ten years, Amsterdam has been Leesman’s bridgehead to mainland Europe. Perhaps the Netherlands could be our new operational hub.

The importance of a growth mindset

Reading Time: 7mins
As we prepare to come out of the eye of the COVID storm, it is vital that we employ growth mindsets while shaping our new working environments.