Measure remote working

Understanding remote working and employee experience

Measure remote working

Understanding remote working and employee experience

Home working survey

COVID-19 has changed the workplace indefinitely. More than ever before, organisations need to understand the role of employee experience in organisational performance.

For the past decade Leesman have been measuring how corporate workplaces around the globe support employees. Though conventional working environments have changed, experience remains as relevant as ever. In response, our Home Working survey – backed by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the International Facility Management Association – offers organisations absolute clarity when it comes to understanding remote working.

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Home working survey structure

Based on the tried and tested methodology of our office survey, our home working survey has been expertly designed to allow you to pinpoint which activities are being supported, how the home is impacting a sense of productivity and connection and the importance of features, while also allowing you to identify demographical differences.

Leesman benchmarking

The Leesman Index houses the world’s largest repository of employee experience data, providing an unparalleled resource for all involved in the management, design and delivery of work strategies, as well as the various teams responsible for employee experience and employee engagement. As an organisation you will receive an H-Lmi score, a 0-100 rating specific to home working which can be used to benchmark yourself against our home working data, in addition to Leesman Office data.

Benchmarking employee experience

Key performance indicators

Leesman is uniquely positioned to be able to directly compare the ability of your employees to work at home, to their experience of working in your corporate offices. Our assessments report on a number of key indicators that directly impact business performance. Having only launched our home working experience measurement solution in March, it has already collected a rich and revealing central benchmark.

Individual employee


Employees working
from home




Global workplace
populations assessed




Data as at 31.03.2021

Home working impact

Employees will be asked how their home is impacting their ability to perform their roles and their overall experience;
such as how productively they feel they can work or how their home/work life balance is being affected.

My home environment enables
me to work productively


When I work from home, I am able to maintain a healthy work-life balance


When I work from home, I feel connected
to my colleagues


Data as at 31.03.2021

Home working activities

We ask all employees which activities are important to them and how supported they feel
with carrying out those activities at home.

Top 5

% Importance
Individual focused work, desk based 88.2%
Planned meetings 79.7%
Collaborating on focused work 61.5%
Telephone conversations 60.4%
Relaxing/taking a break 54.5%


% Supported
Individual focused work, desk-based 90.2%
Planned meetings 94.1%
Collaborating on focused work 82.7%
Telephone conversations 93.0%
Relaxing/taking a break 80.1%

Data as at 31.03.2021

Home working features

We also ask employees which features are important to them at home and how
satisfied they are with these features.

Top 5

% Importance
Desk or table 90.4%
WiFi network connectivity 89.8%
Chair 89.7%
Computing equipment, mobile 86.9%
Remote access to work files or network 75.0%


% Satisfaction
Desk or table 64.6%
WiFi network connectivity 77.3%
Chair 57.6%
Computing equipment, mobile 85.8%
Remote access to work files or network 81.7%

Data as at 31.03.2021

Home working setting

Each chart shows the percentage of employees who work at each setting accompanied by the H-Lmi for each setting.

A dedicated work room
or office


H-Lmi 78.5

A dedicated work area
(but not separate room)


H-Lmi 74.2

A non-work specific home location
(e.g. dining table)


H-Lmi 66.5

Data as at 31.03.2021


We understand the importance of sharing information in times of uncertainty. Whether it’s webinars or written content,
Leesman will stay at the forefront of investigating remote working and employee experience.

home working webinar

Home working webinar

November 2020
Recording time – 55 mins

How does the employee experience working from home stack up to the office experience, and what else have we learnt from 145,000+ home working respondents.

A crisis of learning

October 2020
Reading time – 3 mins

New starters are caught in a no-man’s land between their own enthusiasm and the COVID-19 imposed tunnel vision of their colleagues.

Home working impact code

Data updated 31 March 2021

For a more detailed view of our home working data, take a look at the Leesman Home Working impact code table.

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