Our people

The Leesman team helps you create better places to work

Our people

The Leesman team helps you create better places to work

Curious. Independent. Committed.

Since 2010 we have equipped organisations globally with the data and insights necessary to build environments that deliver outstanding employee experience. This wouldn’t have been possible without our driven, close-knit team striving to make workplaces better.

Meet the team

Founder & CEO

Tim Oldman

Co-Founder & CFO

Divyang Mistry

Deputy CEO

Allison English


Dr Peggie Rothe


Allen Green

Managing Director Benelux

Gideon van der Burg

Account Director

Isabelle Rösiö

Development Director

Kyle de Bruin

Client Services Director

Flavio Caroselli

Client Services Manager

James Fozzard

Senior Account Manager

Renee Okai

Account Manager

Bernard Noel

Account Manager

Jessica Koch

Development Manager

Caglayan Yavas


Robson Peacock

Research Lead

Dr Madalina Hanc

Client Insights Lead

Monica Chua

Data Analyst

Amritpal Basi

Report Analyst

Sayed Miah

Design Director

Rick Nicholls

Communications Director

Esme Banks Marr

Visual Communication Designer

Annie Veenman

Head of Global Events

Beth Howell

Editor, Leesman Insights

Jamie Harris

Management Accountant

Gemma Williams

Finance Assistant

Grace Walsh


Annie Leeson

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