The Workplace Forecast

The Workplace Forecast

The pandemic has gifted business leaders with a hypothesis, to ask at an executive level whether place means as much as technology and human resources. It’s finally time for Corporate Real Estate to really prove that workplace matters.

Our Insights & Research team have taken a temperature check on workplace, mining through our extensive database and the key lessons from the past 11 years of gathering employee workplace experience data.

Join us on 28th September at one of our Data Debriefs.

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Founder & CEO

Tim Oldman

Chief Insights & Research Officer

Dr Peggie Rothe


We understand the importance of sharing information in times of uncertainty. Whether it’s webinars or written content,
Leesman will stay at the forefront of investigating remote working and employee experience.

Why Workplace?

September 2021

Leaders are looking for well-considered long-term plans for the future of their workplaces, but there isn’t a blueprint to work to.

What is the purpose of the office?

July 2021

Most organisation intend to create a hybrid form of working moving forward. This poses a great dilemma for businesses: what is the purpose of the office?

Ericsson: The future workplace

April 2021

How Ericsson developed employee ‘personas’ using Leesman data to create new office spaces, tailored to the people who actually use them.