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Building a better
workplace experience

The world’s largest
workplace experience database

We have gathered unparalleled data from thousands of global workplaces, enabling us to provide an unrivalled benchmark against which you can compare a single building or an international portfolio.




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Data as at 11.04.2024
I wanted to better understand how different spaces impacted employees. But nothing existed. In 2010 Leesman was born and we created a methodology that was able to link the quality of place to the performance of people.

Tim Oldman, Founder & CEO

Our Process

Our organisation comprises of 12+ nationalities, speaking 17 native languages, that live and breathe data, design and technology.

Client Development

Our Client Development team work closely with our global clients to understand their workplace objectives and help them build future-proof workplace strategies through our solutions. Supporting clients achieve workplace excellence through data-driven decisions.

Design and communications

The Design & Communications team is the creative force behind our global presence. They bring our insights to life through effective visual communications and storytelling ensuring Leesman remain at the forefront of the workplace industry.

Research & Insights

Our Research & Insights teams ensure that clients get the most out of their Workplace Experience Assessment. They provide organisations with comprehensive insights to better understand their workplaces, enabling informed decisions for optimal employee experiences.

Finance & Compliance

Our dedicated Finance & Compliance teams ensure the seamless operation of our business. With a focus on digital security, contract management, and payments, they uphold the financial integrity and regulatory compliance that underpin our success.

Client Services

Our Client Services team guides clients through each step of understanding their workplaces. They manage and shape the survey process to help organisations understand and plan their workplace future by using our data-driven solutions.


The Technical Development Team is the backbone of our workplace experience measurement solutions. They design, build and maintain the software that empowers us to create tailored assessments that help improve workplace experiences for our clients.

Proud to be a B Corp

In 2022 we proved our business is used as a force for good.

To ensure you are meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We are extremely proud to have been certified.

Latest achievements



By achieving CyberEssentials+ we have demonstrated our commitment to cybersecurity and our continual aim to protect our "clients" data.


Careers After Babies

We have joined Careers After Babies, a new and exciting program that certifies organisations as places that support working parents.


Launched The Hybrid Future

The only definitive investigation into the impact of hybrid working led by Leesman and alongside an exclusive worldwide network of organisations.

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Reached 1 million responses

A true milestone for Leesman was in September 2022 when we received over one million responses to our Workplace experience assessment.


Certified as a B Corp

This significant achievement allowed us to join an exclusive community of B Corporations who are working together to redefine what success means in business.