EDGE – Home Working Experience


Reading time – 12 mins
Edge surveyed their entire workforce to find out how employees are fairing with working from home.

EDGE – Home Working Experience2022-08-11T09:21:40+01:00

Workplace brief: The Office Group


Reading time – 4 mins
The Office Group surveyed their members to find out what’s working with home-working and what’s not.

Workplace brief: The Office Group2021-04-26T10:23:09+01:00

Workplace brief: Rapid7


Reading time - 5 mins
Rapid7 strive for non-corporate environments in their fast-paced sector, but the data told them designated desks.

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EDGE Technologies, Netherlands


Reading time – 3 min
The Edge, was hailed by commentators as the ‘smartest office space ever constructed.’ In 2018 they unveiled their new head office in EDGE Olympic, a new 11,000m2 building in Amsterdam’s central business district.

EDGE Technologies, Netherlands2022-05-20T18:28:03+01:00

Rapid 7, United States


Reading time – 3 min
While many of the 2019 workplaces adopted flexible workplace strategies, some organisations bucked this increasingly popular trend: Rapid7 have chosen a 100% designated solution for both the Boston and LA offices.

Rapid 7, United States2021-03-08T09:58:50+00:00

Grupo Construcía, Spain


Reading time – 2 min
In the previous section, we stated that half of the 2019 Leesman+ workplaces had a density of at least 16.0m2 per person, and that density has no effect on productivity.

Grupo Construcía, Spain2021-03-08T09:59:11+00:00

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia


Reading time – 2 min
In 2019, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) relocated employees from six different sites into their new building, Axle, in Sydney’s South Eveleigh.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia2021-03-08T09:59:32+00:00

BHP, Philippines


Reading time – 2 min
In August 2019, a new Lmi record was set when BHP’s Leesman survey in Manila closed. A few months prior, the 550 BHP employees had relocated from their former office (scoring Lmi 75.5) into a new space spanning across 5 floors in ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower.

BHP, Philippines2021-03-08T09:59:53+00:00

Arup, Australia


Reading time – 3 min
Arup’s 2018 move into One Melbourne Quarter was fuelled by straightforward reasoning – in recent years they have grown and evolved, warranting a new workplace that reflects their organisational development.

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