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Since 2010, Leesman has been arming the world with the insights necessary to create better workplaces. In 2012, we began identifying an elite group who stood out from the rest: Leesman+.

Just a fraction of the organisations we have measured have been afforded this status; these workplaces have been designed by teams who have truly prioritised the employees and understood their needs with absolute clarity.

What has become increasingly apparent is that the Leesman+ certification is becoming a corporate objective for companies around the globe who value employee-centric designs.

And ensuring that the benefits of these workplaces extend beyond their respective organisations has become one of our central tenets. That is why we have made the aggregated experience data gathered from Leesman+ certified workplaces available to all our clients and to the wider workplace community. This, in turn, offers all a unique window on which services and infrastructures are imperative to an excellent employee experience – informing numerous workplace strategies.

Through our annual research into these top-tier workplaces, we have perennially seen that no single sector, country or building type dominates the list, proving that there is no single underlying factor or workplace strategy that is applicable universally. Instead, high performing workplaces are the result of bespoke solutions that have been designed around employees.

Research into 2019’s Leesman+ workplaces uncovered a number of key findings: we found that the size or shape of a workplace has little bearing on its overall performance and noted that flexible workplace solutions had grown considerably in popularity since 2018.

However, most encouragingly, last year we saw a notable increase in the number of Leesman+ organisations pursuing both sustainability and employee wellbeing certifications.

Out of the 32 Leesman+ workplaces, we found that 10 were LEED certified, five were BREEAM certified, an additional five had Green Star ratings, and one had been audited by GBI (Green Building Index). Four of the workplaces had been certified by WELL and one by Fitwel.

This marked increase in Leesman+ organisations seemingly putting employee wellbeing and sustainability high on their corporate objective lists is a definite step in the right direction. While many organisations need to catch up, these Leesman+ workplaces set a precedent to companies everywhere.

Leesman+ certification table 2019

In 2019, 22 organisations across 32 individual workplaces received Leesman+ certification. No single sector, country or building type dominates the 2019 Leesman+ certification table, proving that there isn’t one single strategy or workplace ingredient guaranteed to deliver high performance. See the table below to find out more about the latest batch of Leesman+ buildings.

Organisation Sector Location Lmi Type
1   BHP Mining & Metals Philippines 89.6*
2   Honeywell Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing China 84.8
3   Rapid7 Computer & Network Security United States 84.0
4   Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Banking Australia 81.9
5   Edge Technologies Commercial Real Estate Netherlands 81.7
6   Goldman Sachs Financial Services India 81.6
7   Rapid7 Computer & Network Security United States 81.5
8   Danske Bank Banking Lithuania 79.8
9   Perkins+Will Architecture & Planning Canada 79.7
10  Goldman Sachs Financial Services China 79.0
11  Hixson Architecture & Planning United States 78.4
12  Arup Design Australia 78.3
13  Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Management Consulting United States 78.2
14  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals China 77.0
15  BHP Mining & Metals Malaysia 76.8
16  BNP Paribas Real Estate Real Estate United Kingdom 76.3
16  Grupo Construcia Construction Spain 76.3
18  Red Energy Utilities Australia 75.6
19  Danske Bank Banking Lithuania 75.1
20  Honeywell Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Malaysia 74.5
21  Lendlease Construction Australia 74.1
22  Woodside Energy Oil & Energy Australia 73.2
23  ICA Retail Sweden 72.9
24  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Czech Republic 72.7
25  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Philippines 72.3
26  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals South Korea 72.1
27  Goldman Sachs Financial Services United Kingdom 71.7
28   Wärtsilä Maritime Finland 71.6
29  Philip Morris International Tobacco South Africa 71.4
30  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals Italy 70.7
31  Ford Automotive India 70.1
31  Jordbruksverket Government Administration Sweden 70.1
Average Lmi across all Leesman+
certified workplaces to date

*Highest performing Leesman+ certified workplace to date.   Data reported at 31.12.2019.
 Post-occupancy        Other

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